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Download Seedling Registration Form and Registration Guidelines

Click Here to download the New Cultivar Registration Form as a fillable PDF File (- Less then 1MB)
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The purpose of this scheme is to provide an easy and user friendly system for the UK and other European residents to register any new seedling/cultivars that they have raised and trialled within the UK and their own countries.

The scheme is intended to run in parallel with, but not to replace the International Fuchsia Registration undertaken by the American Fuchsia Society.

Our scheme is based mainly on a pictorial record (in portrait) Photograph of the flower, bud and 2 leaves (taken on the grid card), Photo of a branch with both flower and buds showing this photograph may also have leaves showing, and also a photograph showing whole plant, it would help if the plant and branch photograph's are taken against a black back ground, these together with the completed form is all that’s required.

The person registering the new seedling/cultivar may add any further information that he/she feels would be advantageous, and would help to distinguish their cultivar from others that maybe similar.

The aim is to collate all the information and make it available to those who choose to use it and eventually eliminating all of the "Unknown's" appearing within UK and European cultivars.

Any seedling/cultivar submitted must have been tested for a minimum period of three years.

The BFS will from time to time have the need to publish these photographs, and participation in the scheme, will be taken as permission for us to do this.

The BFS has decided to introduce a charge of one pound per registration for non-BFS members to cover the costs of the scheme. Paid-up BFS members can register for free.

Because of this the registration form has now been updated to include a space for the BFS membership number so please download a new form before submitting any new registrations. On the same page there is also a downloadable guide to preparing a registration.

We would welcome any suggestions to improve the scheme. Any amendments will however only be introduced after careful consideration and only once in any 12 month period.

Seedlings/cultivars may be submitted for registration at any time of the year


The name chosen for the seedling/cultivar is at the discretion of the person registering it. We would hope that they shall be sensible and avoid to the best of their knowledge choosing the name of an existing cultivar.

Where possible, the use of prefixes would be encouraged i.e. Miss, Mrs., Mme., or the use of second name or initial e.g. Jean White could become J. White, Mrs. J. White, Mrs. Jean White or Mrs. Jean E. White etc, etc.

Where this is not at all possible and only as a last resort, the use of a numerical Suffix will be added to avoid any duplication. If this happens the second one shall then become Mrs. Jean White (2). We do however reserve the right to request a change of name where blatant use of the name of an existing well known cultivar is chosen say "Swingtime". Where the name chosen is of an individual person the approval of that person or their heirs must be obtained prior to the cultivar being registered and submitted with the registration form.

The BFS receives several requests each year from people wishing to have a fuchsia named after a loved one, where the raiser has no particular name in mind, we may be prepared to suggest one from the requests we have received.

Photographs - All Photographs MUST be taken in Portrait style

Portrait style photographs, these are when the side of the photograph, are longer than the top and bottom, and can be achieved by taking the photograph, with the camera on its side.

  1. A picture of the bloom, bud, plus 2 leaves (one showing the upper surface, one showing the lower surface) this is the ONLY photograph to be taken on the grid card.
  2. A picture of a branch that shows flowers both fully open and in the bud stage (black back ground).
  3. A picture of the overall plant to show its growth (black back ground).
Photographs which include the flower, should be taken with the flower in prime condition i.e. just as the pollen sac is about to open.

All photographs must be supplied as 6 x 4 inches colour prints or digital images

Additional Information

The following information would be useful in building up a profile of the new cultivar.

If it's a specific cross please state seed parent first, followed by the pollen parent.

If it's from a chosen seed pod of no specific cross please state the name of the fuchsia the seed pod was taken from.

If the parentage is unknown please state "found seedling".

If the new cultivar is a mutation of the parent, please state "sport" and give the name of the parent.

State why it is significantly different from all other cultivars and is worth registering.

If named after a person, society or other institution, please state why the name was chosen.

Is it intended to release the fuchsia into general circulation or for purely private use?

Sepal Positions

Fully Up
1/2 Up
1/2 Down
Fully Down

Sepal Tips

Tips Recurved
Tips Reflexed

Corolla Shapes

¼ Flared
½ Flared
¾ Flared
Fully Flared