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Please remember to renew your membership by 31/1/19 if you have not already done so

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The current membership year ended on 31/10/2018. Please renew your membership as soon as you can.
Thank you to those members who have already renewed. For those of you who haven't please do so as soon as possible,

In accordance with the constitution, any member not renewing by 1/2/19 is considered to have resigned from the society and will be removed from the membership database.

Rodney Pitt has resigned as Editor of the Society for personnal reasons.
If there is anyone who has any interest in this role then please contact the Secretary on 01275 840203.

Carol Gubler and myself will put together the Spring publication, so if you have any articles please send them to Carol or myself.

John Nicholass 30/10/2018

Sadly one of our Past Presidents and we11 known fuchsia personality Joan Morris has passed away on the 12th December 2018.
I would like to pass on the society's condolences to her family on behalf of you all.
Her funeral will be on monday 14th January 2019. Please contact Carol Gubler or myself if you require details.

Matthew Morrison has contacted the society with the sad news his father, Brian C Morrison passed away on the 5th January 2019

Your have all heard about the devesating Forest Fires in California particularly the town of Paradise
You may also be aware that the AFS membership secretary Judy Salome and her husband Ed lived there
They lost their house and all their possessions, but they are both safe. They have now relocated and you can find more information on the AFS website
You may not be aware that the Ed and Judy have been BFS members since 1995. Because of their suffering we have decided to give them a free membership for 2019.

**Below you can find a link to the BFS page on the Hockey Centre website, where the clothing mentioned in the 2017 Spring Bulletin can be purchased online**
This link has also been added to the links page under Soceties and Others

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Outside hardy fuchsias seem to have enjoyed the cooler and damper, but still quite mild weather. After flowering quite sparsely through a lot of the summer they seem to have come back with a vengeance. Fuchsia Gall Mite does not seem to have been so bad this year after the cold winter and perhaps the heat of the summer, but in the last weeks of cooler moister weather seems to have come back with a vengeance.
The weather looks to be turning colder at the end of this month with a stable high pressure bringing down cold air from the North. Make sure you have you storage areas sorted out if you overwinter in a heated greenhouse, a cold greenhouse or dormant in a shed/cellar/garage. In the heated greenhouse make sure it is only half full unless you have another empty greenhouse to expand into in the Spring.
New catalogues will be out soon from the specialist nurseries so have a look for anything else you want to try and order early.

Fuchsia Gall Mite

Fuchsia Gall mite has spread further north last year with a case being reported in Breacon, Powys,at the top of Norfolk and in Stockport, so we all need to keep being vigilant. It is pretty well spread in the south of the country and we have had a lot of reports in these areas. So please keep an eye on your plants and those of your neighbours. So far the cold winter weather may have given the FGM a check, but the next few months will be the test.

We are tracking where and when cases are found, you can find a link to a Google Maps page plotting the reports we have had on our links page - please can you contact with the post codes of any places where it is found.

Don’t forget if you have any questions on fuchsias – please ask us and we will do our best to help – we have a great team who will answer your emails.

Please see our new (March 2018) fact-sheet on Fuchsia Gall Mite - click here



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