A problem with growing a standard triphylla is that the plant will suddenly produce a flower head before you can get the stem up to the required height.  A way around this is to

  1. Carefully remove the leading growth with all of the buds, leaf, stem, etc., down to the next leaf joint taking care not to damage the side shoots.
  2. Choose the strongest of the side shoots as the one you will keep on the plant and remove the weakest as close as possible to the stem.
  3. Carefully remove the leaf and stalk on the same side as the shoot you have removed and the plant tip should look like the photograph opposite.

After a few weeks of steady growth the side shoot will take on the part of being the main shoot of the stem and end up looking like the picture opposite.

As the plant develops the scarring, slight bulges, etc., will get less and the stem will look quite normal with straight growth.