BFS Snowfire

As it takes a lot of skill to successfully  plant and root about 12 fuchsia cuttings the size of encliandra petals why not try taking cuttings about an inch long, remove carefully the lower leaves, reduce in size the leading leaves then place in perlite or vermiculite with water added (lots of water).

After the stems of the cuttings start to develop roots (a slight swelling of the stem denotes the callous and it is from there that the roots will be formed.  The roots should only be showing) that is the time to make and plant your multi-plant.

Loose fill a small plant pot with compost, push the just rooted cuttings as close as possible to each other (quite a lot can be fitted into a small space) then firm up the compost, water the compost then treat as a single plant.  With the cuttings being just rooted you should not get any botyritis and the cuttings will grow at the same pace.