BFS Snowfire
(Not recommended for triphyllas)

When a plant is stopped it will make new shoots from the joint where the leaf joins the stem also it will create new growth where the sunlight is allowed to reach these points.

Why not take advantage of the plants natural growing habits early on in the growing season to help promote new growth.

To increase light past the leaves and into the plant, try cutting the leaves in half and there would be sufficient light reaching the axils to start new growth from these points.  Assuming that this is done early enough the new growth would then shield the cut leaves which will then turn yellow and drop off.

On a hanging or half basket nearly at show time have you noticed that the weight of the branches and flowers pull the plant apart and create a hollow centre or back where there are only the long arching branches with a few leaves.

From being planted the plant/s in a basket can be stroked regularly by hand from the centre to the outer edge, this will slightly move the growing branches to the outer edge as the existing leaves will re-position themselves and not allow the branch back to its starting position.  This tends to open up the plant to where the sunlight can penetrate to lower leaf axils and stimulate new growth.  A wall basket is similar but stroke the growth off the wall not along it.

Do you have any tips? I would be pleased to pass on to the members with full credit

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