BFS Snowfire
By L. Harrison - BFS Fuchsia Annual 1990

To make this revolutionary method of watering your hanging baskets you will require an empty plastic lemonade or cordial bottle, a 9” length of strong thin wire, a darning needle, a length of coarse plastic twine (baler twine is ideal) and just 5 minutes.

Take the bottle, usually a 2 litre size (larger or smaller will work), and wash out all traces of the contents. Thread the needle with a short length of filament from the twine, and push through the bottle cap in two places. Tie the filament to prevent it slipping out. Bend the wire at each end to form a hook, the shank or leg should be about 3/4” long. The hooks should point in the same direction. Now bend the wire so that the two hooks touch one another, and tension to the width of the bottle. Push each hook into the bottle wall, on either side of the bottle and about I” from the base, to form a hanger.

Fill the bottle with clean water, screw on the cap. and invert the bottle and hang on a sLlitable hook to test the speed of the drip. Add or remove filaments to obtain the correct flow. Normally it should take between I ½ and 2 hours to empty a 2 litre bottle.

For use, fill the bottle and suspend it above the hanging basket.

The method of drip watering hanging baskets is much superior to the normal method, as the water dripping on to the medium gently soaks in, before any surplus falls to the ground.

Do you have any tips? I would be pleased to pass on to the members with full credit

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