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Next Event is the SIG Fuchsia Lore Meeting on 03 June 2018 9am to 4pm at Great Bridgeford Village Hall, Newport Rd, Great Bridgeford, Stafford ST18 9PR

Recent News

The roadshow at Fairfeld went off very well last week. I hope everybody who attended enjoyed it. My thanks to Arthur Phillips and Roy James for organising this.
The Committee and Officer contact details in the membership section have been updated following the AGM

For any questions regarding membership please contact the Secretary or use the details on the Help, Advice and contact us page.

Our new Editor is putting together the Annual publication. If you have any news to communicate to him, then please let him know.

We will have a stand at The Malvern Spring Festival on the 10th to 13th May 2018. If you are there come along and see us.

The 2018 Show schedules can now be downloaded from the members pages

**Below you can find a link to the BFS page on the Hockey Centre website, where the clothing mentioned in the 2017 Spring Bulletin can be purchased online**
This link has also been added to the links page under Soceties and Others

The list of recent website updates are in a PDF file which can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Latest Website Updates - click here

BFS Clothing with logo to purchase - click here

It has been quite a winter of weather so far, with early snow and cold temperatures, strong winds and recently a lot of rain. As I write this in late January it has been rather dull and cloudy but this morning it is bright and sunny and you can feel the effect of the lengthening days on the plants.

Time to start buying fuchsias again! There are some nice new releases so why not order or visit one of the specialist fuchsia nurseries. They need our support to continue in business and continue to provide the wide range of fuchsias we all like to grow. We have had a number close last year so it is even more important to support those which remain.

If you have bought fuchsias via mail order, unpack them as soon as they arrive. Pot them up in your compost mix into a small pot. The typical plug sizes fit well into 6cm (2½”) or 7.5cm (3”) pots and water in. Keep them out of direct sunlight in the greenhouse for a couple of days until the plants recover then move them into a sunnier position. If they are unstopped and you are not intending to grow a standard or similar, then remove the tip as a cutting. Cuttings taken like this in March are often quite vigorous and will catch up to the original plant through the growing year. Enjoy your fuchsias!

The next main event is the AGM near Droitwich Spa and I hope to see many of you there, it should be an enjoyable weekend. After that it is the next BFS Road show at Fairfield, see in the 2017 Autumn Fuchsia News.

Fuchsia Gall Mite

Fuchsia Gall mite has spread further north this year with a case being reported in Breacon, Powys,at the top of Norfolk and recently in Stockport, so we all need to keep being vigilant. It is pretty well spread in the south of the country and we have had a lot of reports in these areas. So please keep an eye on your plants and those of your neighbours.

We are tracking where and when cases are found, you can find a link to a Google Maps page plotting the reports we have had on our links page - please can you contact with the post codes of any places where it is found.

Don’t forget if you have any questions on fuchsias – please ask us and we will do our best to help – we have a great team who will answer your emails.
Please see our new (March 2018) fact-sheet on Fuchsia Gall Mite - click here



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