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Links to BFS Clothing websites

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BFS Clothing with Logo This link takes you to the hockey centre webpage for BFS clothing where you can select and order

Links to Fuchsia Database websites

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DDFGG Fuchsia index Updated multi-lingual fuchsia database of the DDFGG with pictures. This link takes you to the English version
Fuchsia Finder Website of Eddy De Boever with a database and pictures of fuchsias / Nursery finder in Europe

Links to Global websites

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Eurofuchsia Founded in 1982 by a Dutch initiative. Started as a Western European association it grew up to currently 14 members (13 societies from Northern, Western and Central Europe plus Fuchsia Research International).
The Plant List A comprehensive list of all known plant species, and the definitive list on genus Fuchsia

Links to National Fuchsia Society websites

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American Fuchsia Society
BC Fuchsia and Begonia Society
Deutschen Dahlien-, Fuchsien- Gladiolen- Gesellschaft e.V.
Netherlands Fuchsia Society
New Zealand Fuchsia Society
South African Fuchsia Society New website of the South African Fuchsia society including the Western Cape Fuchsia Society and the Fourways Fuchsia Club

Links to Pests websites

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Fuchsia Gall Mite Map UK Shared map on Google maps with confirmed outbreaks of Fuchsia Gall mite maintained by Derek Luther

Links to Private websites

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Barbara's Fuchsia Website Website of Fuchsia Enthusiast in the central Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
Dave Clark's Fuchsias Website of the fuchsia hybridist Dave Clark. Lot of information on his techniques for growing show plants
Fuchsia Flower A website with a lot of information on growing and some nice picture galleries. Also hosts the Lancaster, Morecambe & District Fuchsia Society
Fuchsia Magic Chris Martins website, he specialises in fuchsia photography.
Fuchsia Passion Christiana Paquot-Paczkowski website, French based site but easily followed.
Fuchsias in the City (Hortulus Fuchsiarum) Fascinating website of R. Theo Margelony and his garden in Manhattan with many onward links
Gelderse Fuchsia Website of Gerrit Van Veen, now hosted by the NKVF. A lot of interesting information including testing of hardy fuchsias
Kath Van Hanegem Bonsai plants, hints, tips, etc
Peter Waving Peter Waving fuchsia and pelargonium web-site
Species Conservation and Research Jack & Joan Lamb's Facebook page on Species
The James Lye Fuchsia Collection ‘Harper & Debbage’ Website of Kristopher Harper specialising in the cultivars of James Lye and attempting to collect as many of them as possible
Yoko Takemura Japanese fuchsia web-site, designed for promoting fuchsias in Japan, English titles and links to other web-sites.

Links to Unclassified websites

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Otter Nurseries The BFS Far South West show will be held at the Plymouth Nursery (Chittleburn Hill, Brixton) on Tuesday 4th August 2015
UK Cottage Garden Society A great site for those who love cottage gardens as well as fuchsias.
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